Trying to decide whether to build a luxury home or start a luxury renovation? Both options allow you to achieve the home of your dreams, but which is the right choice for you? Lusso Homes is here to give you some helpful advice….

Albany Close, Blackhills. A Lusso Development.

Albany Close, Blackhills. A Lusso Development.

First things first – whether you are looking to build new or remodel an existing home – ensure that you take your time choosing a location. It sounds simple, but we’re not just talking about if there are good schools or good transport links nearby. It is important to do some research about the surrounding houses and developments. Are other houses being renovated? Will there be issues with gaining planning permission? Buying a property and investigating later can lead to disaster!

Be sure to evaluate exterior and interior space constraints of potential renovation projects. Many older homes don’t have the same design features as more modern properties, therefore you may be constricted by what the current building will allow for. Some people enjoy the challenge of renovating a historical home or like the idea of living in a piece of history and acknowledge (or even welcome) the ups and downs and surprises that a renovation can bring their way. However, if it’s a matter of practicality, then you may have to choose your battles as not everything will be feasible and being able to alter your ideas and designs is essential.

When building a completely new, luxury home, the bespoke customisation costs can be rolled into the overall home mortgage, possibly costing a fraction less than the out-of-pocket costs for a remodel. More over, almost all of the construction costs of a new build are zero rated (No VAT to pay) which make an enormous difference to the overall project cost. In many cases, luxury buyers don’t have the time to focus on all of the details. An advantage of working with an award winning luxury house builder is that they expert team handle all of the details for you.

It all comes down to what you want out of your property. A bespoke new build can have every feature that you desire and everything will be brand new and gleaming!

If you opt for the new home route then Lusso’s specialist design & build team is here to guide you and help make those dreams a reality.

Written by Sam Dennis