Homes are getting smarter. As ridiculous as that sentence sounds – it’s true. We are rapidly finding more and more ways to make our homes more automated. But what is Home Automation? Well, quite simply, it is exactly what it sounds like. Making your home completely automated, giving you the ability to control almost every component of your house remotely. For the most part, many aspects are relatively cost-effective such as; sound activated lights or remote controlled blinds and curtains. But more sophisticated technology like advanced surveillance or remote controlled heating can be slightly higher up on the price list.

Our team of experts here at Lusso Homes have sifted through the melee of home automation to bring a list of the hottest products available today…


From £149.99

Amazon Echo is a Bluetooth speaker which is powered by an operating system called Alexa. It may take a little while to completely configure, but eventually you can programme Alexa to control most of the gadgets in your house using only the sound of your voice. You can use Alexa for anything from reminding you to pick your in-laws from the airport to talking you through a new recipe. 


From £150.00

The majority of Wi-Fi security cameras provide an affordable means of keeping an eye on your property when you’re not in it. However, most need to be paired with a less cost-effective security system. But not the LG LHC5200WI. This indoor Wi-Fi camera offers 24/7 monitoring without the hassle of a contract via ADT’s Canopy service. 


From £135.00 

Many of the popular lock companies have developed smart home lock options, but none have created a product as comprehensive as the August Smart Lock Homekit. This easy to install, Apple Homekit enabled device simply mounts on to your existing deadbolt switch. Communicating with your smartphone via Bluetooth, it allows you to grant access to any visitor from a remote location.


From £199.99

The Nest Learning Thermostat has built in Wi-Fi which allows you to remotely control the temperature in your home from your smartphone or tablet. Get it set as you leave work or on your way back from a dog walk to make sure it’s the perfect temperature as you step through the door. Running late? You can switch the heating off to save money! A fantastic solution. 


From £1,140

A smart countertop oven that offers; Wi-Fi, a high res camera and intelligence that allows the oven to weigh, monitor and cook pretty much anything with minimal input from the chef! You simply put the food in and check that it is what the oven thinks it is, select how you would like it cooked and then stand back and marvel in the brilliance!

Written By Sam Dennis.