Everybody loves a list. Well, we sure do here at Lusso Homes!


We have happened upon a list that has been put together by top earning commuters for top earning commuters. It focusses on the top 5 most desirable locations to live in if you commute into London, but still want to live in a luxury home (we like the sound of that!). We get a gold star as we already have projects and developments within some of the locations (or not too far away, anyway)!! 

The creator of the list states: 

‘When choosing where to live outside of London, it's going to be about striking a balance between affordability, quality of life and commute times. The choice is a personal one and the relative importance of each factor will be different for everyone.’ 

All valid factors. So, let’s have a look at the locations and their attributes: 


With a commute of 30 minutes and average house prices £345,000, it’s not difficult to understand why this leafy suburb tops the list. Set in the heart of the Chiltern Hills, High Wycombe is an idyllic setting for any commuter to maintain a luxury lifestyle away from the daily grind. 


Woking boasts a quicker commute at 27 mins (there is a fast train that only stops at Woking at Waterloo) but loses points on average house prices, coming in a slightly higher £433,000. Nevertheless, another lovely town set upon the beautiful river Thames. 


Now, I know that you’re thinking. But gone are the days of a certain Mr. G (Ali, of course) and the reputation that clouded this town. It has even had ‘upon-Thames’ added to its name! Very posh! But with a commute of only 35 minutes and average house pricing at a sub-zero £345,000, one would be silly to ignore its appeal. Stunning river views and a plethora of luxury new build properties. What’s not to like? 


Another picturesque town set on the banks of the Thames, this time with a famous bridge to boot! The commute is 33 minutes and another direct train service into Waterloo, but you do have to pay a slightly higher premium to live in these parts. Average house prices in Walton are set at around


Esher is tied for the top spot in terms of commute with a hair raising 27 minute travel time! House pricing, on the other hand, are head and shoulders above the other four – coming in at an average of £878,000! But, you get what you pay for and there is nothing but luxury in this beautiful Surrey town! 

Written by Sam Dennis.