For those who have always dreamt of building their home, the arrival of the new local authority registers is a game changer, marking the start of a policy shift, and crucially, making it easier for people to get the home they want through self or custom build. Recognising the growing demand for greater choice and customisation of homes, luxury developer Lusso Homes is now offering a comprehensive Design & Build service for those who want the benefits of a customised home, without the hands-on approach.

Under new legislation, which started 1st April, aspiring self-builders can register their intention with their local authority, a move which is part of a package of planned measures aimed at increasing new housing supply, and giving consumers greater choice in a new homes market that is uniquely dominated by volume builders.

While this model of building homes is popular in Europe, particularly in France, Germany and Sweden, where it accounts for 30% - 55% of all new homes, only around 10% of new homes in the UK last year were self build. Despite research suggesting that as many as seven million homeowners would like to build their own home, only around 12,000 succeed each year.

The self build marketplace has developed beyond the traditional time-intensive model of ‘sweat-equity’, which sees many self builders laying the bricks themselves, to offer a range of services catering to those who prefer a hands-off approach, recently termed custom build. Lusso’s Design & Build package allows would-be self builders to get all the customisation benefits, without compromising their time.

Neil Jones, Director at Lusso Homes, explains:

“There is a clearly a significant aspirant market for customised homes and the new legislation and policy push is a positive step to unlocking the potential in this market. At Lusso, our customers are increasing looking for a completely customised and streamlined solution for their new home.  Consequently, our new Design & Build option is a comprehensive one-stop-shop for custom builders, where they can work alongside us to access our expertise, innovation and insight, in order to create unique luxury homes, designed to fit their lifestyle.


“We understand that undertaking a project of this scale can be incredibly daunting for customers, especially so if they are avid Grand Designs viewers! However, our expertise is offered at every stage of the process, from finding a suitable plot, architectural design, and securing planning approval, right through to the construction process, landscaping and interior design.”


Beyond the obvious benefits of creating a home that is designed and built to suit your needs, the custom build model offers significant financial incentives too. Homes delivered in this way are typically valued at least 20% more than the cost of building them, so owners can enjoy instant equity in their home from day one. Furthermore, Stamp Duty Land Tax is only payable on the cost of the plot, so custom builders save a substantial sum, as compared to the tax bill they would have to pay buying a home of similar value outright.

Those seeking a bespoke custom build home can now benefit from the expertise of the Lusso Homes architect and interior design team, renowned for their insight into spatial planning and designs offering a range of unique and timeless solutions, combining traditional construction, state-of-the-art technology and outstanding luxury finishes.


Neil Jones concludes:


“Our long-standing relationships with award-winning architects, in conjunction with our expert in-house planning consultants, interior designers, landscape architects and extensive construction team enable us to confidently serve the luxury end of the custom build homes market, with the same architectural integrity and meticulous attention-to-detail that is the hallmark of every Lusso home.”